Impact assessments

The changing nature of business and increased regulation means that organisations across all sectors of the economy need to understand the impacts of their key decisions, in order to demonstrate the beneficial impact of their activities, justify their investments internally and externally and develop and sustain partnerships and alliances.

To do this they need to have clear data on both the direct financial effects but also the wider economic, social and environmental impacts.  Our team brings industry and economic knowledge together to analyse the impacts of diverse business initiatives.  Our impact assessments typically quantify and monetise three types of impact:

  • Direct impacts - such as the employment, output and fiscal contributions generated by the sector/company itself
  • Indirect and induced impacts - employment and output supported by the sector/company via purchases from its supply chain and by the spending of those employed directly or indirectly by the sector/company
  • Wider impacts - the extent to which the activities of the relevant sector/company contribute to improved productivity and performance in other sectors of the economy.