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Seizing the opportunity: Economic outlook and priorities for Northern Ireland

It’s been a tough few years for the Northern Ireland economy. As we begin to see light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, what does the future hold? This report reviews the evidence and argues that our future success will depend on us working together to tackle issues and seize opportunities in relation to three key areas:

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Education and skills

We need to attract new talent into the NI labour market; do more to ensure skills meet the needs of local businesses; and intervene once and for all to ensure that every teenager leaves school in NI with useful, relevant qualifications.

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Trade and investment

It’s crucial that we reframe the narrative about the NI economy in a way that leverages NI’s unique trading position, and does more to promote a positive story about NI to the rest of the world.

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Climate and energy

It’s incumbent on us to accelerate the transition to ‘green’ skills and ‘green’ jobs; build on NI's position as a global leader in renewable energy production; and invest further in sustainable transport.

And there’s a ‘golden thread’ running through all of this which is around everyone working together in a true spirit of partnership. The issues and opportunities are complex, and no one organisation or type of organisation can tackle them successfully on their own. Rather, the business community needs to work alongside government and other stakeholders to drive sustainable change through meaningful collaboration.

We hope you find the report insightful and constructive.

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