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Corporate intelligence

Protecting your reputation

Trust and reputation in business and government relationships are essential. In today’s fast-moving and interconnected world, understanding the people you are doing business with, and the context behind business issues, matters more than ever.

We use the latest technology and our extensive contact network to research individuals, companies and organisations in order to better understand their profile, reputation and commercial interests, and uncover any adverse information. We highlight the way in which parties are connected, including social connections through the use of social media analysis. We can give you the information you need to make sound, well-informed commercial decisions that protect your brand and reputation, and enhance your strategy.

Integrity matters

The actions and profile of those you choose to do business with matter. Regulators around the world are applying a high level of scrutiny towards third party relationships and stakeholders expect greater integrity from business. Making the right decisions requires accurate, up-to-date and insightful information.

Are you planning an acquisition, merger or significant investment?

We can provide in-depth research:

  • Confidential enquiries into target
  • Anti-bribery and corruption due diligence
  • Review of target management’s reputation and integrity
  • Geographical or sectoral market impact and potential for growth
  • Assessment of employee sentiment of the target and any cultural issues.

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Are you working with overseas third parties, suppliers, or intermediaries?

We will help you manage the risks through:

  • Integrity and background research of companies and individuals (e.g. for KYC, AML, ABC)
  • Market intelligence gathering
  • Supply chain mapping
  • Volume screening and risk assessment of third party populations
  • Technology and research support to in-house due diligence and intelligence teams.

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Are your senior executives vulnerable?

We will help you assess the risks:

  • The associations and affiliations of board members
  • Vulnerabilities in digital profiles
  • Wider threats against the organisation.

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Are you thinking of entering a new market or sector?

Our teams will help you understand the risks you face, including:

  • Political risk
  • Local partner selection
  • Strategic and competitive intelligence
  • Local market compliance and operating risks (e.g bribery and corruption).

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Are you seeking to understand or trace the assets of an organisation or individual?

We specialise in establishing who owns global assets to help you make informed strategic decisions. Our work will to help you to maximise recoveries and challenge:

  • Fraud investigation or misappropriation of assets
  • Civil / criminal litigation or claims
  • Restructuring / recovering debts
  • Buying a loan portfolio
  • Matrimonial litigation.

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How we can help

Our teams bring together a wide range of expertise including former intelligence and police analysts, law enforcement specialists, lawyers and political risk experts, to help you keep track of the global risks to your business integrity and reputation. Our global sector and geographical reach means we have an extensive network of ‘people who know’. We design scopes and report formats to fit your specific requirements.

We use the latest technology to scan and analyse high volumes of transactions and wide-ranging sources of information, including corporate information, sanctions data and media. Our bespoke tools are designed to help you manage your risks efficiently, including:

Data visualisation and analysis. Our team are adept in the use of the latest data visualisation and analysis software. Our team will make sense of information gathered, allowing you to make decisions quickly and effectively.

Monitoring risk. Our unique RADAR technology acts as an early warning system for financial, regulatory, compliance and reputational risks. It scans electronic data in multiple languages, seeking out negative information connected to an individual or organisation.

Managing third parties. Our secure web-based portal, MyThirdParty, allows you to effectively manage your third party relationships. Globally accessible by authorised users, it automates the processing of third parties in line with your policy and procedures.

Case study

Global due diligence in the aerospace sector

The majority of our clients have been with us for many years. For the past 10 years we have worked with one of the world’s leading aerospace and defence businesses, carrying out enhanced due diligence on existing and prospective sales agents, marketing advisers, distributors and suppliers. In each case we undertake detailed public records research, and discretely gather market intelligence from our network of industry experts about specific issues and integrity risks.

To date we have delivered reports on more than 1200 companies and individuals in 21 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Americas. Our clients use our MyThirdParty portal to manage their due diligence processes across the global business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

‘What set PwC apart was their international capabilities and their flexibility to tailor their offerings to our specific requirements.’

How can we help you to overcome these challenges?

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Mark Anderson

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Craig Fitzpatrick

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