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Looking to centrally manage your third parties?

Our secure web based portal provides an end-to-end solution to allow you to effectively manage your third parties, in line with your third party policy and procedures. A web-based solution, it’s globally accessible by your compliance team, individual business units and external third parties and is centrally managed and tailored to your requirements.

Platform core modules and key activities

MyThirdParty is comprised of a number of core modules designed to support key due diligence activities. Workflow and individual modules are highly configurable allowing this flexible, agile platform to be tailored to your process and the needs of your business.

A modular, web-based software solution that provides end-to-end functionality

Our software solution, MyThirdParty, is a modular, web-based solution. It provides end-to-end functionality for a third party programme.

The system is modular and configurable, such that you can determine what functionality you would like to be included and how you would like those functions to work.

MyThirdParty integrates screening facilities, due diligence providers and monitoring tools to ensure the business is not troubled by having to access different applications for different functions.

  • New third party set up – allows you to submit business cases and risk assessments for potential third parties, including all relevant approvals.
  • Third party data capture – allows third parties to log in and submit questionnaires to aid you in your Due Diligence and compliance process.
  • Integrated and automated screening using key Sanctions and Politically Exposed Persons lists
  • Intelligent – designed to automate processes and provide clear staging posts in the processing of third parties. It is a work flow tool, designed to help you effectively manage each third party.
  • Management information reporting – view questionnaires which have been sent to third parties, the results, risk ratings, and any changes.
  • Online report ordering – order and receive completed Due Diligence reports through MyThirdParty Portal with the PwC Corporate Intelligence team.
  • Integrated RADAR reporting to monitor higher risk third parties against adverse media, sanctions lists, for changes in ownership or other risks.

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Mark Anderson

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