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How are capacity constraints identified and modelled and what impact might that have on a damages claim?

How do you apportion estimated damages between interrelated heads of claim?

What is the value lost to the Claimant as a result of an alleged wrongful termination of a contract?

What were the indirect consequential losses arising as a result of an alleged breach of contract?

What were the financial impacts of reduced financing for a construction company and what was the loss of opportunity as a result?

What was the impact of the global recession in the Claimant’s region?

Our Forensic specialists have dealt with quantum and delay issues across hundreds of litigation and arbitration matters and can bring this wealth of knowledge to formulating quantum estimates bespoke to the allegations. We draw upon our in depth sector expertise to provide strategic advice, independent analysis and objective expert evidence.

When disputes arise, we work with you and your legal counsel throughout the process and provide advice on the financial, commercial and practical issues at stake.

While we apply a consistent forensic approach to everything we do, we tailor our services to each particular case. By type, our projects fall into the following broad areas:

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