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Cyber security: Preparing for and responding to a breach
New cyber attacks or data security breaches seem to occur on an almost daily basis. With increased focus from customers on how organisations handle a breach, here are four things you can do to be best prepared to deal with an attack.

Are you keeping information just in case?
Our views on keeping unnecessary data and the problems it brings.

Defensible disposition
An overview looking at the value of data and the processes of managing it effectively.

Stay ahead with personal data
Understanding how to take control of personal data to ensure compliance, whilst appropriately utilising its value. This article also highlights how PwC supports businesses in establishing and implementing governance for improved management of personal data.

e-Investigations – case studies
What does an e-Investigation look like? This article outlines some of the solutions provided by our e-Investigations team.

e-Disclosure – Creating a strategy for the future
e-Disclosure 2020 brings together a unique mix of leading professionals from diverse disciplines to raise the level of debate on e-Disclosure issues that have a significant bearing on future litigation and regulatory investigations strategies.

Reducing complexity in e-Disclosure
Disclosure Failure to adopt the correct approach to e-Disclosure can result in substantial reputational and financial damage to individuals and organisations.

The value of an information governance strategy
Organisations know they need to act on information risk but do not know where to turn or what to do next.

Investigative Analytics
Data is crucial to your business. Even on a good day it's hard to manage. And in times of crisis, the challenge is intense. At PwC, we thrive on solving complex problems. Find out how our Investigative Analytics Specialists, based locally and globally, can help you.

Making the most of your information assets
What is information governance and what are leading companies doing to treat their information as a corporate asset?

e-Disclosure: Responding to new risks
The explosion in electronic data has left companies exposed to a range of new business and legal risks. In the US and UK, failure to identify, locate and produce relevant data is resulting in adverse judgements and hefty fines. In this video, David Moloney, Umang Paw and Philip Mills discuss why having a data strategy is so important and how you can develop the right one for your business.

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