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React: e-Discovery

We offer a comprehensive range of electronic investigation services that include information governance, data collection, evidence assessment and document review. This end-to-end solution enables you to respond effectively to legal or regulatory incidents and crises. Our experienced technology specialists, coupled with our global reach, deliver swift and efficient response times with local knowledge of privacy regulations, culture and language.


  • Overt, covert and sensitive situations
  • Remote, onsite and offsite data gathering
  • Targeted and/or complete system capture
  • Identify relevant individuals and data sources
  • Imaging of servers, workstations, network shares
  • Capture of email, instant messaging, social media and financial data
  • Imaging of iPhones, Blackberry smartphones, Android and other mobile devices
  • Defined processes to support evidential integrity


  • Target and prioritise the most important data
  • Organise, categorise and profile data
  • Visualisation to assist with early case assessment
  • Undertake gap analysis to establish the completeness of your data population
  • Undertake domain analysis
  • Carry out de-duplication and near de-duplication
  • Keyword expansion and concept clustering
  • Primary language identification
  • Keyword and Boolean searching
  • Predictive coding


  • Dedicated, low cost, secure UK-based document review centre
  • We employ experienced multi-lingual barristers, solicitors and investigators
  • Web-based, secure, scalable document review platform
  • Hosted technology available in the UK, US, Asia and Europe
  • Ability to upscale quickly and efficiently to virtually any size of engagement
  • Utilising email threading, categorisation and concept clustering
  • Provision of technology assisted review and advanced analytics
  • Customised workflow to deliver issue coding

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Information Governance

Be proactive: Information Governance

We offer a comprehensive range of services that include information governance assessments, strategy and framework development, information risk assessments and implementation programmes. Our end-to-end service enables you to understand your current capability and implement good governance to effectively mitigate information risk and maximises exploitation of your information assets.


  • Existing capability to manage information
  • Key stakeholder groups and information assets
  • Information risk across the organisation
  • Gaps between current information governance capability and best practice
  • Ability to respond to regulatory and compliance requirements
  • The reality of your data


  • Classification and retention for business records
  • Strategic direction for improvement of governance
  • Change management and accountability frameworks
  • Information management policies and guidance
  • Map and design information management processes
  • Scope of information remediation opportunities


  • Business Classification Schemes and Metadata Taxonomies
  • Change management programmes
  • Governance and accountability frameworks
  • Information governance policies and processes
  • Information remediation programmes (e.g. email/shared drives)
  • Dedicated onsite information governance training from recognised subject matter experts

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