Global Mobility

Tackling the complexity of managing an internationally mobile workforce

Do you know who your mobile people are, where they are going and what they are doing?

As businesses become increasingly international and the way organisations move their talent globally evolves, we're seeing a rise in volume of global business travel. As mobility grows, you will have to interact with tax authorities in multiple territories who have a heightened focus on globally mobile employees, withholding obligations and trailing liabilities.

In this ever evolving world of Global Mobility, it is crucial to be on top of all the recent requirements in the UK and around the world.

Global Mobility


Cooperative compliance: The new frontier for global mobility programs

Cooperative compliance: The new frontier for global mobility programs

An expanding number of employees are crossing borders to work on short term assignments or by engaging in frequent business travel. When they do, tax compliance obligations arise for both the employer and the employee that can trigger the need for payroll tax reporting and remittance as well an obligation to file individual tax returns in the host location.

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