Brexit - impact on your people and workforce planning

Brexit will be the single largest event in the last 20 years to significantly impact talent pools and operating models. Are you ready to deal with the associated risks on your workforce planning and your mobility programmes?

How could Brexit impact your business?

Brexit related issues are complex and multi-layered.

Large proportions of the UK workforce comprise of EU citizens performing business critical roles that will be affected by Brexit. An unclear understanding of where Brexit-related people risks lie and to what extent these risks may affect your business, could have long term implications.

What are other organisations finding challenging?

“Our business critical function like IT has over 30% of employees representing EU nationalities.”

Multinational Aerospace and Defence Company

“We have difficulties in recruiting critical skills from UK and often have to tap into wider European talent pools.”

Global Professional Services Organisation

“We have a large footprint of offices across Europe and the UK. Key to our success is collaborative working across offices to create better quality output.”

International Media Company

“We have a large client base in Europe and often require our consultants to travel to mainland Europe on short term assignments.”

Global Business Services Firm

A Talent Pool Impact Assessment can help you:

  • Bring to life your people and business data enabling you to identify the right-to-work status of your workforce
  • Understand which employees in different parts of your business will be most affected by Brexit
  • Identify potential immigration costs to current workforce patterns to establish whether skills will
    need to be sourced from other countries
  • Review the demographics of your current workforce to determine whether current recruitment processes should be revisited
  • Establish which jurisdictions and key functions will be affected by indirect tax impact on your supply chains
  • Measure the potential range of workforce costs and risks that may be incurred to sustain business activities
  • Build confidence to meet business demand post-Brexit through your existing workforce composition

Why should you plan for Brexit now?

Without complete clarity until after the Brexit negotiation process, scenario planning now puts your business in a position to take charge, adapt, grab new opportunities and take full advantage of whatever the ‘new normal’ turns out to be.

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