Global Business Services - Succeeding in the digital era

How to drive productivity whilst increasing employee engagement

Global Business Services (GBS) are embracing the digital era, with Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies being deployed alongside the traditional human workforce to deliver services.

RPA & AI are innovative digital tools that use existing systems and interact with them just like a human does. These tools are able to complete administrative and repetitive tasks at speed and with reduced error rates, thus increasing customer service and satisfaction. As a result, employees are able to move up the value chain and can deliver more value-add activities.

However, there is some concern across the global workforce about the impact of digital on jobs. For machines and humans to successfully work in harmony in Global Business Services, a new organisational culture and employee skillset is needed.

Key findings

  • Blending human and digital working practices can improve ways of working, build new capabilities and create between 15-25% capacity
  • Technologies can drive 10-20% uplift in productivity, through better engagement and empowerment in teams
  • 74% of the global workforce are ready to learn new skills or re-train to remain employable in the future
  • 37% of people worldwide however are also worried about losing their job to automation

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