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HR in one place

Business Challenge

Our client was experiencing a lack of strategic direction in their HR department. They had an HR operations heavy model, where many processes were manual and therefore very time consuming and not able to be used consistently at a global level. As the HR systems were so administrative, the team had no time to focus on delivering key initiatives that really make the difference to the organisation such as culture, innovation and customer experience. In addition they were not using analytics at all, and all of their people decisions were based on a hunch rather than fact.

Our approach

The client wanted to have all of their HR systems in one place, which was easy to manage and maintain. Working with the client team, we undertook a full assessment of the organisation, looking at where they were and where they wanted to be.

We recommended and installed SuccessFactors which was implemented for Employee Central (for workforce administration) and Performance and Goal Management. We also worked with the client to design a new process for performance management and to clean and validate the data that they currently had.


The client realised their aspiration of having it ‘all in one place’ and now had a full suite of seamlessly integrated HR systems. They were able to leverage SuccessFactor’s standard job and pay structures based on best practices to create their own structures, and as a result all of their processes were standardised at a global level and there was more visibility in the end-to-end HR processes.

It enabled the business to be more self-sufficient, with employees and managers able to take ownership for many services and control their own data, reducing the administrative burden on HR. This combined with the new analytics reporting meant that the organisation was able to focus more on strategy, giving the team more time to focus on driving competitive advantage.

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