Case Study: UK based housing organisation

HR Transformation to help support change

Business  challenge

Our client had multiple shared services for their various HR functions, which meant that the team were not joined up and executing their HR strategy in the most efficient way. In addition they were underutilising data and were unable to use it to make key decisions. Underpinning these challenges was the fact that the organisation has a culture of bureaucracy and red-tapism, making it difficult to bring about change.

Our approach

Our client was using SAP and required a system that could easily be integrated to increase efficiency and collaboration across the HR function. We selected SuccessFactors as it integrated well with their existing SAP systems. In addition we re-shaped their existing operating model to include a managed processes service provider to help manage their administrative tasks, freeing up the HR team to focus on more strategic projects.


By outsourcing some of their HR processes, the HR Function was able to focus on more strategic issues and reduce HR headcount and spend. The improved systems also gave the organisation more insight into their data and processes, making it easier for them to make decisions based on fact and bring about change more effectively.

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