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Case study: improving people performance data | Global FMCG manufacturer

PwC were commissioned by a European business unit of a global FMCG manufacturer to support the development of an’ initiative to improve people reporting standards and processes.

Case study: finance function assessment | Global travel company

PwC were engaged to carry out an assessment of the overall finance function of a newly-formed organisation following a merger. The issues facing the client were: Poor visibility of the finance function and its effectiveness; The new organisation was complex and lacking flexibility; Intense competition in the tourism industry driving optimisation of efficiency and business insight within the finance function.

Case study: finance shared services benchmark for a Global aerospace and defence contractor

The client has three separate finance shared service centres (SSCs) operating in the UK that, under its transformation programme, are being brought together as one unified organisation. Each of the client’s SSCs have developed separately, providing the finance organisation with different activities at each site. The integration programme needed to understand whether an incremental change or a more radical step change would create a shared service organisation (SSO) that better served its customers.

Case study: back office benchmark and assessment for a Global airline

The client needed to reduce costs across its back office functions and wanted to explore the potential for creating a business services operation. In scope functions included Finance, HR, IT, Procurement and Real Estate Management.

Case study: finance effectiveness for a FTSE100 industrial organisation

The client has been growing rapidly over the past decade, and in 2008 launched a new organisation wide strategy for continued growth, which included the goal of building a world class finance function. As such, the client required a fact based assessment of their current performance to assess whether they were on their way to achieving their goal, along with an understanding of best practices implemented by top-performing functions.

Case study: identification of cost savings within the HR function | FTSE 100 organisation

The client wanted to establish a baseline of efficiency and service delivery levels within the HR Shared Service (HRSS) function and to understand how their own performance compared with other best practice functions operating the same model. The client wished to identify potential cost savings that could be achieved within the function, whilst maintaining a high standard of service.

Case study: HR benchmarking | Global pharmaceutical organisation

The client wished to develop a suite of HR metrics and benchmarks that were aligned with their business and HR strategy. The implementation of HR metrics was considered as a critical tool for building the competence of HR in line with the overall transformation of the function.

Case study: improving HR service delivery | Global financial services organisation

Faced with significant cost pressures and ongoing company-wide headcount reductions, PwC were engaged initially to work on behalf of the UK HR Director to assist in building a profile of the current HR function structure and performance levels. The scope of work expanded to cover analysis of international business units and the provision of specialist support to develop measurement frameworks across the organisation.

Case study: HR Activity Analysis on core HR processes for a Global bank

PwC were commissioned by a global bank to identify how to become more efficient as a HR Function and to help determine how move forward with the next phase of transformation. The client wanted to establish and understand how much time was spent on core HR processes and other activity. All of the Global Businesses HR employees in Asia, Europe and the US were invited to take part.

Case study: building insight into people performance | UK utility

The client wished to develop a portfolio of people and HR measures that aligned with their business and people strategy. Through analysis of their performance against these measures, the client wanted to understand the key issues facing their organisation in terms of their workforce and HR function, such as function efficiency and service levels, workforce productivity, engagement and process effectiveness. The assessment was conducted at group level and within individual business units.

Case study: people scorecard implementation | Global insurance organisation

The Group HRD had tasked the Group Head of HR Strategy to deliver more effective people performance reporting. This included: the need to establish a series of qualitative and quantitative indicators through which to measure people and HR performance; a requirement for external benchmark information to compare performance with competitors and peers and integration of the information produced with the internal reporting strategy and develop capability in understanding how to interpret the resulting data.

Case study: developing a baseline of HR performance | UK local authority

A large local authority in the UK engaged PwC to develop a baseline of current performance of the HR function prior to undergoing a transformation programme to improve the efficiency levels of HR service delivery.PwC were asked to develop an HR scorecard that would be used to measure ongoing HR performance against the council’s strategic objectives, and provide a set of measurable success criteria for the transformation programme.

Case study: improving the effectiveness of HR service delivery across a global business for a financial services organisation

The client contacted us to help them conduct a HR customer survey which would gather perceptions of HRs’ key stakeholders (including line managers, employees and HR themselves) regarding the effectiveness of the HR service across the global business. We were employed to: manage engagement of key stakeholders; provide historical trend analysis, internal divisional comparison and analysis against peers and competitors; produce corporate HQ and divisional analysis to enable HR performance improvement; and link outputs to the HR strategy and scorecard including team and individuals’ performance management.

Case study: advising on merge benefits and savings | for an NHS trust

A large NHS Trust was considering merging with another NHS Trust. The leaders were not clear about how this merge could impact both trusts, they were concerned about the benefits achieved and how to merge both trusts without affecting performance.PwC were asked to help with the merge plan which included submitting a document detailing changes and actions required to achieve maximum benefits and savings.