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The digital workforce

How do you futureproof your organisation?

There are no more predictable patterns in business anymore; continuous change is the new normal for every industry. Organisations must innovate to stay relevant and this requires taking new approach to your people and organisation.

The second phase of digital disruption

We are beginning to enter a second phase of digital disruption, the first phase was characterised by digital completely reinventing industries. Now technology is continuing to evolve and to keep up, organisations must to adapt in a perpetual cycle of innovation and self-disruption. This will require a markedly different workforce, one which is resilient to change to can continually innovate.

The second phase of digital disruption

What is your approach to workforce disruption?

There are and will be no more predictable patterns in business

What are the biggest influences on the world of work over the next 10 years and how can your organisation prepare for this?

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Getting ahead of Digital Disruption

You are ahead of the curve if your business has strong sustained growth in key business areas fuelled by disrupting competitors. You are making intelligent spends on big bets, infrastructure and workforce. Your culture embraces change and technology with your business leaders, supported by HR, having clear perspective on how their workforce needs to change to respond to current and incoming disruptions.

Are you scrambling with a middling or unsatisfactory share price / growth performance? Many organisations who are struggling with disruption are running a number of disjointed, sometimes competing initiatives to renovate traditional businesses and start new revenue streams. With this, attempts to make change rarely sustained with change fatigue setting in. There is a willingness to consider workforce implications of disruption but Business / HR often lacking in capability to execute effectively.

Do you think that disruption will not hit your industry or are you burying your head in the sand? Many organisations are waiting to see how their industry will change especially if the business is currently profitable with a good share price / revenue growth. As business and HR have not as yet considered the impact of disruption on the workforce, there is a limited spend on infrastructure and technology and the traditional culture and ways of working still exist.


How can we help you futureproof your business?

We work with you from strategy to execution and support change management.


We identify the current technologies, services and ways of working that are or will be impacting your organisation over the next 18 months (disruption timeline).

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We form Personas that represent differing groups of employees within your organisation; identifying behaviours, pain points and attitudes to change.

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We analyse your organisation to determine what the right size and shape of the organization will need to be based on the likely impact of incoming disruptions.

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We look at the efficiency of the infrastructure required to hire, move and terminate people. We conduct a light culture audit to understand how easily the organisation adopts change. We look at your ability to upskill or ‘acqui-hire’ talent.

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We assess the prevalence of skills required to adequately disrupt the market and adopt new technologies/ways of working.

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