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Workforce performance insights, at the click of a button

PwC are proud to announce the online launch of Saratoga, the world’s largest and most robust database of people and functional performance metrics. Our innovative online benchmarking platform allows clients to benchmark their data with over 2,600 global organisations.

Our service analyses 200+ metrics related to areas such as organisational effectiveness, turnover, staffing efficiencies, and HR costs and structures – comprising the largest database of workforce-related benchmarks across all industries.


A household name

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Saratoga Institute in the US and 25 years since the launch of Saratoga in the European market.

As a recognised leader in the measurement and benchmarking of human capital and HR function performance, Saratoga offers proven methodologies to drive evidence and insight that helps organisations understand strengths and opportunities around their workforce and functions.

Such benchmarking insight is critical in supporting organisations understand the effectiveness of their workforce strategy - and crucially can provide evidence for a case for change - which can include a range of opportunities for technology implementation, policy review or full HR transformation.

For any additional information, please contact Miguel Oliveira or Frances Jennings, or any other member of the Saratoga team.

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