Workday and Global Mobility: The opportunities, challenges and best practice

The number of people who move internationally on business is only going one way – up. What’s more people are moving in new and different ways. Being able to move the right people, with the right skills, into the right role, quickly, efficiently and on budget is key to being profitable and productive. However global mobility requirements are still often an after-thought, and businesses still struggle with getting the right systems in place.

We recently held a seminar with 25 global mobility leaders across-industry who had either implemented or were looking implement Workday to support their global mobility systems. In the session we explored the changing, more strategic role of the global mobility professional and how Workday and global mobility can align.

“Having fully implemented Workday, our global mobility team use it extensively and we believe that Workday has allowed global mobility to become much more strategic in its role.”

Client experience of Workday

Key findings

Our findings show that most businesses have experienced challenges as well as benefits when implementing Workday for global mobility throughout the assignment life-cycle:

There are misconceptions: Workday will not replace existing specialist global mobility applications, especially when managing assignments end-to-end. However, for many organisations it will give access to better data on a global basis that can feed into the mobility process for both the initiation of services and then the ability to run analytics.

Workday helps global mobility specialists to become business advisers: it gives you access to rich, valuable and timely data, so you can make effective strategic decisions about the international movement of talent.

Workday supports data and analytics: with one global source of truth on people data, you will have broader visibility of core HR data.

It allows greater visibility: you can obtain visibility of the assignee candidate pipeline earlier, allowing for proactive and real-time decision making.

You can share more information: through using core HR data and mobility data, you can provide comprehensive analytics to the business on the mobility programme in real-time.

It offers a good user experience: Workday is found to be an easy to navigate tool that is easy to learn, operate and access.

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