New World. New Skills

Live, learn, work and participate in the digital world.

The world of work is constantly changing. Some jobs are disappearing altogether; elsewhere new roles are emerging. But the speed of the technological revolution is such that it can be a struggle to keep pace. As the widening mismatch between skills and jobs intensifies, what was already a major challenge now needs increasing attention.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 has demanded new ways of working for many - and there is a growing belief that the fundamental changes in where and how we work will outlast the immediate requirements of the crisis.

How should organisations think differently about upskilling and reskilling their workers for a future that is even less predictable than we once thought? Getting that right will require business leaders, educators, and national and regional governments to come together. This will be instrumental to the future success of the UK.

Everyone should be able to live, learn, work and participate in the digital world.


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“Upskilling for the digital world has become a priority for society, organisations and governments. The world is at an inflection point, and we need to act now, collectively, to tackle this major, global issue before we risk excluding great swathes of society from the workplace”

Carol StubbingsGlobal Leader, New World, New Skills

Leadership Exchange

In July we launched our New world. New skills. programme, convening over 60 influential leaders to find solutions to the global skills crisis. Leaders from across business, government and academia collaborated to make a difference, sharing insights, experiences and making personal commitments to champion the upskilling agenda, both in their respective organisations and society more broadly. 

Upskilling initiatives

Our story

At PwC our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems.

Our ambition is to work with organisations to create a fair and sustainable future for the UK, underpinned by a thriving economy. Improving our skills base is critical to increasing prosperity in the UK, as well as delivering considerable benefits to society as a whole.

While skills requirements will always be changing, businesses can ensure their people are equipped to adapt.

In response to this PwC has made a US$3bn commitment to upskilling. This will primarily be invested in training our people, and in technologies for supporting clients and communities.

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Digital Fitness App

We have made our Digital Fitness App available for free, anywhere in the world until July 2021.  The app helps an individual build skills to develop their own “digital fitness”, through a personalised curriculum.  People can read, watch or listen to the content, which covers 60 different topics, exposing users to all types of emerging technologies.

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Tech She Can

Tech She Can and Tech We Can is a programme designed to encourage women and girls to pursue technology-related careers. To realise this vision, PwC UK has, to-date, partnered with over 100 organisations that have signed onto the Tech She Can Charter and pledged to work together to engage more girls in tech.

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Upskilling the world’s Youth with Unicef

This collaboration represents an important milestone in PwC’s New world. New skills. journey and builds on PwC’s existing community ambition to help maximise the potential of 15 million people, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and social and micro enterprises by 2022.

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Hive Hackers

The Hive Hacker programme works with primary school pupils in Northern Ireland with the aim to inspire and teach six to eleven year olds about computer coding and technology - not just as end users, but as potential designers and creators of applications and solutions - by giving pupils and their school teachers skills in the basics of computer coding.

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The Social Entrepreneurs Club

Our commitment to social entrepreneurs across the UK.

PwC’s Social Entrepreneurs Club is a UK-wide network that shares the skills of our people with ambitious social entrepreneurs to help them tackle society’s most important problems and drive social and environmental change. We have created a network of over 250 social entrepreneurs who are offered mentoring, coaching, networking and skills development designed to help them develop and grow their businesses and impact.

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