Raising the bar – The state of executive pay in 2015

Over the last few years investor pressure and regulation have led to a significant raising of the bar in executive pay. We think that on the whole the right balance has been struck. Companies can still pay enough to attract talent, but the highest levels of pay are getting tougher to earn, with an improved link between pay and performance.

Early 2015 data shows that the pattern of recent years has become a trend. Executive pay is no longer increasing and is indeed falling slightly in real terms.

Our report is based on findings from the first 39 FTSE100 remuneration reports of companies with year ends from 30 September 2014 to 31 December 2014 that have reported up to 25th March 2015.

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Executive pay is falling in real terms as 45% of chief executives receive no salary increase, says PwC research

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