The impact of good performance management

Performance culture that supports your business strategy

Performance management is fast becoming an integral part of every company’s business strategy. Having workable and effective processes in place to manage and measure your employees’ performance is no longer a HR nice-to-have: it’s very much a business got-to-have. In this short video, Sarah Moore, Laura Hinton and Anthony Shields from our Human Resource Consulting team discuss the growing importance of measuring your employees’ performance. They talk about ways to engage with your people, make the right decisions on reward and check that you’re meeting the goals and objectives of the organisation.




Promoting the right values and behaviours

In an ever-more regulated business environment, it’s vital that your performance management processes can instil the right core values for your organisation and promote behaviours which drive your business strategy forward. Aligning performance with your overall strategy is vital. This is particularly true in more heavily regulated industries such as financial services, construction and oil and gas etc., where meeting targets are part of your governance requirements.

Using technology to improve your processes

Having the right infrastructure in place to deliver your performance management is critical. And the expanding use of cloud-based technology and Software as a Service (SaaS) tools is helping to improve the effectiveness not just of the underlying infrastructure, but the delivery and the measurement of performance management as a whole. What’s more, it gives you the data you need to support critical decisions you make about your workforce.

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