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Helping society navigate the challenges caused by COVID-19

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Helping society navigate the challenges caused by COVID-19

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We’re helping society navigate the challenges caused by covid-19.

Including helping teachers and school children develop the skills they need.

At the height of school closures, more than 1.5 billion (over 90% of students) were affected.

“My name is Harj Parwana, I’m Vice Principal at Shireland Collegiate Academy which is in Sandwell which is in the West Midlands.”

What Challenges have you experienced teaching during the pandemic?

“A bit of a journey really, the three lockdowns have been quite different to one another, and I think that’s added to this feeling of going through something quite significant. I would kind of consider its business as usual. Our teachers and students have really embraced sort of this new way of working but this is all against a backdrop of being at home. You know, I live in a really busy household, I’ve got two children who are also being sort of home-schooled. So being there for them and then still being able to do a really good job has been interesting to say the least. And as a teacher what we really want to do, what I really want to do is connect with my students and I think that this has definitely been the biggest challenge about working from home.”

What tools and techniques have you used to help you teach during lockdown?

But teaching remotely meant that I really needed to know the capability of the apps that we were using and that we were going to use when going into that first lockdown. I also realised really quickly that I couldn’t rely on what I already knew, I needed to take the plunge really into making technology work for me. So, I can remember starting to search for apps, tools, videos, to shed some light. This is where I came across the digital fitness app, I’ll be honest I really liked it because it was user friendly and I think it took me about 10 minutes to answer some questions about my feelings on technology, how comfortable I was in using the sort of digital world as it were. I got a score immediately, you know, and it really broke down what areas of development I could look into if I were interested in doing so.

How has remote learning impacted your students in a positive way?

Yes, absolutely, I think sort of just the idea that you can do quizzes and you can do group work and you can also, I mean this idea of students being able to post questions and you can them sift through the questions that they’ve typed and although, yes we as teachers, we know who’s posted it. You don’t have to name that student. So that student remains anonymous, I think that technology will give the students sort of confidence in asking questions that they would otherwise may feel a little bit more sort of hesitant in doing Infront of their peers. Technology in a classroom, definitely has its place and I think that when we go back into schools, I’m definitely going to be using that hybrid model.

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