Pay, performance and risk

Paying people effectively

Tax Risk Assurance and Resolution

Our experienced team of tax experts helps a variety of organisations to meet their regulatory obligations, reduce employer costs, manage employment tax risk and provide expert legal advice on UK employment and business immigration law, employee tax, pension regulation and effective human resource management.

‚ÄčOperational reward

Our multidisciplinary team of reward, legal and tax experts can advise of all aspects of the operation of pay and share plans across a wide range of territories, including the implications for international assignees.

All employee reward

We work with a number of organisations to help them cascade corporate remuneration policy down through the organisation in a way that is relevant for the participant regardless of their level, and is effective in linking individual performance and corporate strategy.

Paying people strategically‚Äč

Reward and performance

We have extensive experience advising clients on better aligning reward with business strategy to drive key behaviours and improve performance. We have supported numerous clients in the implementation of innovative remuneration arrangements including management of key stakeholders. We can provide detailed advice on performance metrics drawing on our sector expertise within PwC and dedicated financial modelling experts.

We also invest significantly in thought leadership and ongoing investor dialogue on remuneration design matters and consider it an integral part of our role to keep you up to date on evolving market practice, regulatory change, best practice and its implications for remuneration.

Executive compensation and governance

We advise numerous clients on the corporate governance framework surrounding remuneration and share plans through advising remuneration committees and wider activities. This includes the remit of the remuneration committee itself but also key interactions with other committees such as risk or audit and the board itself.