Savings Lab

Interact with your people data and gain an insight into their savings journey and financial wellbeing


Whether you’re in finance, HR, reward, pensions or a trustee, Savings Lab enables you to share data in an intuitive and interactive way to better manage costs and promote wellbeing.

Our mission is to help you understand where your people are on their financial and retirement journey.


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Our platform modules

Savings Lab is the only fully integrated digital platform that enables you to interactively engage, measure and act on your people data.

Find out whether your people are on track to retire; if not, identify what impact this could have on your business and what you can do about it.

This module will allow you to view the different cohorts of your workforce at a granular level and work out what action you (and they) need to take in order to afford retirement.

Build a detailed picture of the financial profile of your people. The insight will help you create a targeted financial wellbeing programme to better support them.

This module will allow you to better understand what financial challenges different segments of your workforce may be having. These challenges can have a direct impact on the business due to lost productivity and increased absence. Managing these issues early can have a financial benefit to both the individual and the business.

Measure the effectiveness of your pension provider; find out whether you and your scheme members are getting good value for money.

This module will put a governance overlay across your pension scheme and allow you to see how PwC rate the effectiveness of your pension provider.  The module will identify what actions, if any, you should take to ensure both the business and pension scheme members are getting effective, administration, investment and retirement support.

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