Flexible Legal Resources

Why choose Flexible Legal Resources?

The legal and regulatory world can be complex. We thrive on making the complex more accessible. It inspires and challenges us to wrestle with these problems. We want to help you understand what your legal and regulatory challenges are, then create a great flexible, cost-effective solution to drive value and make your life easier.

Build your in-house legal team on demand

Businesses of all sizes and across all sectors need to meet regulatory and compliance obligations. Flexible Legal Resources offer faster, high quality, reliable and cost effective legal expertise on demand. Our experts can work on one-off projects, temporary spikes in workload or part-time team cover.

Using legal contractors is a way to build the workforce of the future

The contingent workforce is a permanent reality – increasingly, businesses depend on it to staff work in a smarter way. Whether you’re facing an abnormal temporary spike in workload or are in need of part-time team cover, our deep and broad talent pool is here to help you meet the changing demands of your business.

Flexible Legal Resources help you cope with increasing regulation

Today’s business environment is fast-moving and regulatory and compliance heavy so resourcing demands can change on a moment’s notice. You can turn to our talent pool of experts for faster, more efficient, high quality and reliable legal and regulatory resources on demand.

Using legal contractors doesn’t mean compromising on quality

Company boards have to take their compliance and regulatory obligations seriously - one way they demonstrate this to their stakeholders is by seeking best in class support when they need it. Our talent pool has been through rigorous PwC selection procedures so we’re highly confident they are suitable for the roles to which they are assigned.

Flexible Legal Resources is a cost effective solution for large-scale litigation

The last financial crisis led to a proliferation of high value complex litigation much of which remains on-going and with new cases still being prosecuted. The nature and scale of these cases means that companies’ internal resources often struggle to review and assess the large number of documents requiring submission into court and traditional law firms are often unable to help in a cost-effective manner.

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