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UK employers must complete a Right to Work check on each employee's first day, with a potential penalty of £20,000 for each compliance failure, not to mention the reputational damage where an illegal worker is found.

Even a single failure can result in potential fines, with the added risk that your Immigration sponsor licence may be revoked. High employee turnover rates, averaging 5-15% in many industries, result in large employers performing hundreds of these checks each year. As the UK exits the EU, the ability to identify workers country of origin will become even more of a priority.

With an increasingly flexible and mobile workforce, complying with Home Office mandatory checks can present the following challenges:

  • Difficulty performing checks when employees are working off-site or at multiple sites
  • Poor record-keeping, often with no reporting capability
  • Insufficient evidence in the event of a Home Office audit

Perform your employee day 1 checks in seconds, anywhere and at any time

With unique biometric technology and facial recognition capability, our Right to Work app prevents identity fraud, performs checks instantly, and allows you to upload data immediately to your HR system. The checks are fully compliant with Home Office requirements, ensuring your compliance records are up to date in the event of an audit.


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Key Benefits

Take advantage of the benefits of our app.


Avoid penalties of up to £20,000 for each compliance failure

Perform, capture and validate documentation in seconds

Unique biometric technology and facial recognition software

Read over 3000 ID documents from more than 200 countries

Limit identity fraud

Instantly upload data to HR systems

Compatible with most mobile devices, including Android and iOS

Across multiple industries, we’re helping organisations with large, overseas and temporary workforces tackle their compliance requirements efficiently and transform their approach to workforce onboarding.

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