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Video opens on animated profile of a man set against a white (textured) background

VOICEOVER: Meet Allison

Allison waves towards camera (name tag says hiring manager)

VOICEOVER: She has just offered Joe a position on her audit team ​ at her company’s Londons Office. Congrats!

Visual of job offer sheet floating from one bubble to the other ​ on top of a world map. Joe’s bubble is
above NYC and Allison is ​ located above Londons.

VOICEOVER: Time for Joe to pack his bags and make the big move.

We zoom out and see the Right to Work App ​ in one of several frames (rectangles) throughout the frame. Another has an image of a passport and documents. One has a stack of travel guide books about the UK. Another one has Joe’s luggage. In the center, the frame has a map that unfolds: a small plane flies from NYC to London leaving a trail behind - highlighting Joe’s move to the UK to start his new job.

The map view expands. From the right, a frame slides in, showing a profile view of JOE in the airplane
window looking out.

The frame expands to fill the rest of the scene as the same profile is now transformed to Joe inside of a
taxicab window.

VOICEOVER: JOE is ready to start his new job - and rather than going to​ the head office in London, he has been asked to immediately visit one of the smaller sites in Wales - how beautiful!

Cut to a wide shot as the taxicab travels across a road (illustrated path) from London to Wales An illustrated representation of Wales pops up, with a landmark or two and a small Acme corporate building visible. Large billboard letters announce “Welcome to Wales” above. The taxicab stops in front of the Acme building.

VOICEOVER: But JOE cannot start to work before Acme Inc ensured that UK Right to Work regulations have been adhered to.

The illustrated cityscape of Wales is erased (or transformed into) as a series of documents float into frame with checklists that need to be met. UK Right to Work regulations are highlighted on the documents.

VOICEOVER: JOE is at a small site in Wales, and the local line manager has been asked to undertake this.

A frame slides in front right, with the profile of a local line manager with a name tag attached. The screen is now split into the stacks of documents on the left next to Joe.

VOICEOVER: Luckily for JOE and ALLISON, we've made submitting the documentation easy on both applicants and companies alike. All it takes is a few photos and clicks! No need for paper files to be made and sent to HQ!

Joe ​holds up a smartphone in the Left frame The phone turns on, showing the logo for the PwC Right To Work app.

We cut to a close-up of all the documents in the frame. Joes’s hand slides in from the bottom of frame holding a smartphone. The  documents shuffle together and slide towards the smartphone, getting absorbed by it. Only the phone remains.

We see Alison in the right frame at her London ​ office in a middle box is the checklist from before with green check marks appearing. This ​ shows Allison seeing documents processed in real time.

VOICEOVER: Using PwC's Right To Work app, local HR - no matter where they are in the UK - can easily submit all of their documentation through a smartphone app.

We push into the phone as it takes over the whole frame.

VOICEOVER: The app will scan necessary documentation such as passport and visa.

Illustrated Passport and Visa get scanned into a database.

VOICEOVER: With the app's camera, biometric chip verification (video to show biometric symbol on screen) and facial recognition technology, verifying their documentation and identity is as simple as taking a selfie!

Cut to a profile of JOE. Circles appear around his features, highlighting the facial recognition technology of the app.

CAPTIONS: 2000 global ID’s; instantly recorded; no need for paper files; ...

VOICEOVER: The Right to Work app captures and validates documentation in seconds, and employers receive a tailored report containing all necessary information. This report can be uploaded directly to an internal HR system centrally, or reconciled against existing HR and immigration data.

The profile frame is now one of several other containers within the frame. Documents appear in a nearby container and get checked off one-by-one. Another populates and shows documents appearing and neatly stacking at the HR department in London. A nearby frame shows a close-up of boxes getting checked off.

A nearby frame shows a side-by-side comparison of Joe’s documents against existing HR and immigration data documents.

VOICEOVER: Employers reap the benefit of maintaining compliance with government requirements for day 1 checks, even from the remotest corners of the business, while having the ability to flag the use of potential fraudulent documents and updating HR records immediately, for example with nationality data. This information can then be used to profile the employee population for strategic resource planning.

Cut to a benefit list of the Right to Work app animating on: Catching Fraud, Updating Systems, reduced human error, strategic planning, electronic flow into a system. Each one gets highlighted, one-by-one.

VOICEOVER: Thanks to the PwC Right to Work app, Acme Inc successfully submitted all of the needed documentation to verify his right to work in the UK, and Allison has a new member on her Audit team. Congratulations!

We zoom out of the smartphone. A photo is taken, and Joe appears on the phone working in the London office next to Allision (we see the landmark/flag out the window) Frame ends on Allison (hiring manager) very happy.

The logo of the PwC Right to Work app animates on in the sky.

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