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NewLaw - Operational efficiency for legal functions

Legal teams are increasingly facing pressure to adapt. In this fast changing world, we’re helping clients build a sustainable law department. Our complete approach to optimising your law department helps clients meet their individual challenges by designing and delivering a unique and tailored legal services approach.

Our NewLaw services

We use our proven methodology to assess the current state of your department, benchmark it against "best in class" and provide practical recommendations to improve every aspect – from resourcing profiles, to workflow, to LawTech.

We deploy a multi-disciplinary team of technologists, lawyers, consultants and project managers to implement and support your project, whether it's review of a high volume of contracts against a tight deadline or simply getting your house in order by finding, digitising and extracting data from your contract portfolio.

We deliver the optimal blend of legal expertise, scalable process and LawTech to look after your "business as usual" contracts in a safe and efficient way. We track our performance using dashboards of key metrics to show how the service is meeting service level agreements (SLAs) and continually improving.

How we can help

Under pressure to deliver more with less

Due to a more complex regulatory environment and reducing budgets there is a growing need to improve law department effectiveness. We provide clients with a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of their existing law department and multi-disciplinary advice to create improvements in operational efficiency and how to best implement tailored LawTech solutions.

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Management of high volume commercial contracts

The need to manage a high volume of commercial contracts reliably and efficiently whilst saving money and creating value is ever increasing. We help clients manage this with a combination of expert lawyers, automation technologies, scalability, and data insights to streamline the contracting process.

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Measuring law department value

Our legal benchmarking service will analyse key aspects of the operating model, organisation structure and processes used by law departments and provide data and insights that demonstrate the current value of the department as well as potential improvements.

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Keep up with technological advances

Technology in the legal industry is changing the way everyone works and bringing significant opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings and better outputs. We can advise on expert systems, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies in particular, which have the capacity to transform the industry.

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