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Legal Services: Immigration

Solving business immigration issues with legal and technological solutions

Global workforce mobility is a critical issue for international businesses and a key risk area, given the legal and operational difficulties that can emerge. You need to be able to move your most important asset, your people, swifty and easily across borders. With borders closed, travel restricted and quarantines imposed, you need to understand the new challenges to business continuity and immigration compilance.

Challenges facing global workforce mobility:

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Complying with current immigration legislation

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Having the technology and ability to navigate immigration changes

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Implementing an efficient business immigration strategy

How we can help

Our full-service immigration team works with clients to understand their needs. We provide high-quality immigration support, driven and supported by our technology platform. We implement cutting-edge technology solutions to tackle complex immigration processes and work closely with colleagues in Employment Law, People & Organisation and Global Mobility Tax services to give clients innovative and integrated practical advice with a business focus. With strong links to governments, we drive the business immigration agenda globally. This ensures that your concerns are heard and taken into account at a policy-making level.

Our core services

We can solve your immigration challenges and needs, by providing:

  • Co-ordinated worldwide immigration support in over 175 locations
  • Business travel support using our marketing leading technology
  • Advice and support on business visitor and student/graduate visas
  • Strategic deployment planning and compliance advice
  • Work visas and temporary permit applications, including senior level support for VIP and executive cases
  • Citizenship and permanent residency applications
  • Immigration audits
  • Advice on entry permission for inward investors
  • Discretionary applications and personalised immigration assistance
  • Emergency support

Our specialist immigration services


Brexit has created change for all business sectors, particularly in the allocation and movement of staff. We can help businesses and individuals prepare for and address the opportunities and risks by providing support, strategy and advice.

How we can help you

We help clients address the challenges they're facing in relation to immigration and freedom of movement as the UK prepares to leave the European Union. Our combination of legal expertise and business insight will help you with workforce composition, workforce planning, and mobility and visas, minimising any disruptions to business travel post Brexit.

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Right to Work

With an increasingly flexible and mobile workforce, complying with Home Office mandatory checks presents many challenges. Due to COVID there has been a relaxed approach whereby checks can be undertaken remotely to remain compliant, however full checks will need to be completed within 8 weeks of restrictions being lifted – we expect this to be in the course of 2021. Your organisation will need to be ready to carry out potentially a large volume of checks in a short period of time. Find out more around how PwC can help you manage this process.

How we can help you

We use leading technology to help businesses meet these challenges and perform, capture and validate documentation in seconds. Our Right to Work app employs unique biometric technology and facial recognition capability to help you prevent identity fraud, perform employee on-boarding checks instantly, and upload data immediately to existing HR systems.

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Immigration Pre-planning Services

With cross-border projects and global mobility on the rise, clients need to assess the feasibility of a move at the initial planning stage of a new hire, assignment or project.

How we can help you

Our innovative pre-planned immigration tool saves clients time and costs by providing advice on:

  • The most viable immigration route
  • Process overview
  • Processing times
  • Whether a candidate meets the requirements of the role
  • Eligibility requirements
  • Business activities
  • Red flags
  • Costings

We help you understand the costs, timings, and feasibility of any move from the start, so you can plan more efficiently and make informed business decisions around your mobility strategy.

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Posted Worker Directive

With recent legislation changes being rolled out across EU Member States, depending on the type, duration and location of activities being performed, new country registrations may be required in advance of travel. Non-compliance can result in fines and sanctions for employer and employee.

How we can help you

Our industry-leading pre-travel assessment tool, myTrips, automatically assesses whether registrations are required, based on the travel data and activities that the individuals will be performing to delivers an integrated, seamless journey for your business travellers, HR teams and project planners.

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With cross border projects, global mobility and the demand for talent on the rise, it has never been more important to understand the impact of immigration on your mobility strategy. Changes to immigration rules and legislation are now more frequent, meaning that having the right information at your fingertips can be a challenge - and interpreting local legislation even more so.

How we can help

PwC’s myAtlas technology enables business to have an understanding of the costs, timings, feasibility the move, meaning that these are all considered at the outset, allowing business to plan more efficiently and make informed business decisions around their mobility strategy.

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Case studies

Addressing end to end immigration compliance for a large global retail bank

The challenge

Our client’s global footprint and mobility requirements had evolved rapidly and they needed to focus on maintaining compliance in a highly regulated environment, especially in certain high-risk locations. They needed assistance with:

  • Global immigration support across 80 different location
  • Risk mitigation for exposure of the business to immigration, tax social security and PE breaches
  • Global business visa support
  • Global immigration and business travel policy

How did we help?

We worked closely with the bank to transition their existing global immigration population, re-set their global policy and governance. We implemented, delivered and managed a multi-disciplinary service provision that drove down costs and created enhanced compliance, reduced internal management time and delivered a market-leading business traveller and traveler mobility programme.

The result

We delivered an efficient global mobility programme solution that greatly reduced the bank’s global exposure to immigration and tax compliance, whilst providing enhanced data analytics and placing their overall program significantly ahead of the market.

Helping a client plan moves and projects more strategically

The challenge

We advised a professional services firm that wanted to be agile enough to deal with overseas moves and projects, but keep costs low and transparent. The firm wanted to be able to understand the feasibility, timelines and costs of projects when negotiating contracts with their clients and when looking to onboard new talent.

How did we help?

We implemented a self-service solution to allow them to assess the feasibility, costs, applicable and quick immigration routes, as well as any personal, cultural corporate red flags that the business needed to be aware of.

The result

Our solution helped create a more agile business that was able to make informed decisions around project candidates. It also helped them plan costs and timelines in advance, and often at the point of client contract negotiations, giving greater control and insight into their margins and ability to organise client delivery dates.

Supporting a client in a large M&A deal

The challenge

We advised a client that was on course to close a deal to exchange business units with another company. Each client’s respective deal-closing dates were different, which added an additional layer of complexity.

Both parties to the deal wanted to ensure the continuation of work, while also reassuring employees throughout the process of switching employer. To ensure this, we managed the project on behalf of both companies.

How did we help?

We worked closely with both companies and their legal counsel to ensure continued compliance with immigration requirements for transferring individuals. We scheduled regular calls between all relevant stakeholders and shared updates centrally on a daily basis in the lead up to the deal close date. We assisted with consultations on country requirements, including setting up sponsorship registrations and the resulting immigration applications. We also provided contingency plans for employees where a break in the continuation of work was unavoidable, and provided advice on payroll, travel restrictions and secondment options.

The result

We enabled a smooth transfer of employees from one sponsoring company to another, with required immigration actions planned and completed efficiently. We minimised any gaps in continuation of work by putting contingency plans and alternative options in place after discussing with all relevant stakeholders the most appropriate solution.

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