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Does your global mobility strategy support your international workforce?

PwC’s market-leading myAtlas tool will help your business embrace the 'work from anywhere approach', be that a quick business trip or a longer term remote working arrangement. Take your mobility planning to the next level and get myAtlas to take the time and complexity out of managing your globally mobile population.

COVID-19 has forced companies to implement new ways of working almost overnight, with many using virtual workforces to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Having proven successful, organisations are now benefiting from international remote working. But how can you be sure your virtual workforce is compliant with global business immigration, tax, social security and posted worker regulations?

PwC’s market-leading myAtlas tool will help your business embrace this ‘work from anywhere’ approach and take your mobility planning to the next level.

myAtlas is a fully customisable, self-service tool, which can also be used to automate remote working requests. It can be accessed by anyone in the business and is available 24/7, with information updated in real time. If preferred, there’s even the option to simply and confidentially send us your information directly and we can let you know what you need to do to stay compliant.

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myAtlas: PwC’s market-leading tool

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myAtlas can help you plan for business trips, formal assignments and remote working requests, and provides guidance on:

  • The impacts of Brexit on your business travellers and secondees
  • Permissible immigration business traveller activities
  • When to operate local payroll withholding and what the relevant day thresholds are
  • Employee and employer actions to ensure payroll and social security compliance in the destination location
  • Viable immigration routes, costs and processing times for obtaining necessary immigration documentation
  • Information on Posted Worker Directive for every EU Member state, including information on the 2018 Directive, timelines and the ability to initiate relevant PwC services
  • The latest COVID-19 information, including travel restrictions, quarantine measures and any available concessions from an immigration and employment taxes perspective

“Understandably, organisations can struggle to stay up to date with evolving immigration, tax and other compliance matters across jurisdictions. That’s magnified when you consider the need to balance cost-efficiency, talent strategy and growth objectives against existing global mobility schemes and planned initiatives.”

Claire PepperDirector, PwC UK

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Claire Pepper

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Miguel Oliveira

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