Supporting you to maintain IT access management during COVID-19

Potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic could include significant increases in the volume of requests against expected levels.

This increase is likely to put a strain on your resources and your capacity to deliver key SLAs and engagements could be under significant pressure. Due to the Government’s direction both here in the UK and globally, we know how difficult it can be to balance resources and capacity with working remotely. We’re here to work with you to minimise impact and interruption to your business delivery during the pandemic.


The challenges we can help overcome

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Management

With the increase in working from home, there’s higher demand for VDIs and soft tokens to allow your workforce to continue delivering. If VDI tokens aren’t managed correctly, there could be financial and operational implications, resulting in your people being unable to work, adding more pressure to your business operations.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Access Management of Active Directory could become a significant challenge for your business. Your people may struggle with gaining access to documents, tools and applications. Access to specific working groups in Active Directory will be required to allow collaborative working and sharing files in a secure environment to keep data safe. With remote working being necessary for most, we’re here to help you manage your PAM. We can work with you to action these requests, avoiding any potential regulatory implications when your Active Directory access is audited.

How we can support you

We’re here to support your identity & access management needs at pace. Our experienced people will work with our tech and ISO-accredited processes to help you deliver. Our remote working model is supported by robust and secure PwC infrastructure to make sure your data is secure and your people can access everything they need. We’re here to help you maximize your critical BAU functions and keep your business operations moving forward.


Case Study

Challenge: Our client needed additional resources to assist with the onboarding of over 1,600 staff members through their graduate programme. The credentials for these staff members needed to be created within a short time frame so the local IT teams could build the required hardware for them to start work.

How we helped: We deployed a team of four additional analysts to support the burst capacity work required, working directly with the clients’ teams. This allowed the client to continue with BAU tasks while the credentials of the graduate staff were being onboarded by our people. Additional coverage was provided by our teams with their capacity to work remotely and support the client over the weekend.  

Outcome: We were able to deliver the accounts of over 1,600 users in a four day period, which significantly eased the pressure of local IT teams to build and configure the hardware. Through enhancing efficiencies and working remotely with burst capacity, we were able to provide considerable value to the client and provided insights of how this process could be streamlined across the client’s global operation.



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