Major Financial Services Institution - Background Screening

Client Issue

A large financial institution headquartered in the UK was seeking to engage a high number of contractors to assist with both BAU activities and new projects. In order to protect their organisation this institution recognised the need to conduct thorough background checks on all individuals who were given access to their sites and systems.

A comprehensive range of background checks were,required, including educational, employment, credit and bankruptcy, criminal record, address and sanctions checks. PwC were engaged to conduct these background checks prior to individuals commencing their engagements.

PwC Approach

We worked with our client to understand the specific requirements relating to these background checks and developed a process to ensure that these checks were conducted within the required timeframes and to the highest quality levels.

Our approach was thorough and we used our experience and relationships with the various third parties to conduct the checks and identify and escalate discrepancies in the background checks as early as possible. We provided monthly management information so that the client had up to date clearance information and understood which contractors were cleared to commence their engagements.

Outcome & Benefit to Client

As a result of our work, the client was able to supplement their resource levels with over 1,500 contractors to ensure that all engagements could progress. We helped our client to mitigate the risks posed by individuals working within their institution.

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