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Operate provides skilled legal professionals and the latest technology to deliver contractual remediation and repapering, in response to regulatory change or market demands.

Constant regulatory change and market demands can have far-reaching implications for contracts within your business, particularly if they are not dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. 
Operate uses its industry and regulatory expertise as well as cutting edge technology to ensure your contracts are fully compliant with the latest regulations, making any resulting repapering exercise a stress-free experience.

Legal Professionals, Business Analysts and Project Managers

Our highly trained and experienced legal professionals, business analysts and project managers can help:

  • Manage large scale regulatory implementation programmes, for example concerning Brexit, Initial and Variation Margining for non-cleared OTC Derivative transactions and Benchmark Interest Rates – LIBOR, Eonia, Euribor, SONIA etc
  • Remediate large volumes of business-as-usual agreements by offering end-to-end services
  • Gather client requirements and build specific data schemes.

Contract Data Capture,
Transformation & Governance

Operate can assist with contract data capture by using our proprietary eBam technology to automate the extraction of data from unstructured sources. We have the ability to monitor, en-mass, large volumes of agreements, utilising cluster techniques.

Our data transformation and governance offering enables our clients to:

  • Run pre-defined regulatory and house rules on data sets
  • Transform data into a variety of formats that can be shared and consumed by another system

Client Outreach

Drawing on our expertise of legal contacts and regulation, we can supply support staff, working remotely to scale, from across our global network, to assist clients with any outreach activities they may have. 

Examples include:

  • Brexit remediation
  • Establishing a Question & Answer Help-desk function for Brexit queries
  • Assisting with Legal Netting Opinions
  • Support around the Resolution Stay Protocols

Contract Negotiation

Our legally-trained Subject Matter Experts can work with clients' in-house teams, either remotely or on-site, to provide flexible and bespoke support. This includes  drafting, reviewing, negotiation, execution and uploading of legal and trading documents.

Example document types include:

  • ISDA Master Agreements
  • Repurchase Agreements (GMRAs & GMSLAs)
  • EFET Gas & Power Master Agreements
  • Collateral agreements and any ancillary documentation


Agile, Scrum


CISI – Financial Regulation, Derivatives, Securities


Proprietary advanced clustering solution available as SaaS or on-premises

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