Supporting you across your transformation and technology landscape through COVID-19

We understand how important it is to respond quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic. For businesses to survive, agility and response time is paramount. With challenges on multiple fronts and rapidly changing priorities, effective change management and the ability to flex are key to keeping programmes on track and standing up new projects.  

That’s where we come in. We’re ready to help you build teams with the right skills that can be deployed quickly and effectively. Our business and technology experts can help you rise to the challenges facing your business today and keep your operations resilient and moving forward.


The challenges we can help overcome

Delivering projects effectively and efficiently in a crisis

At times like these, it’s likely your teams will be facing additional challenges that impact on your delivery portfolio. We know that failing to deliver critical projects and services may potentially have detrimental impacts on your stakeholders. You may not have the right skill sets to deliver your programmes, or, may not have capacity to effectively manage the volume of change whilst maintaining business as usual operations. 

Maintaining quality whilst under pressure

We understand how important it is to maintain momentum and rise to the new challenges facing your business. Whilst scope can change quickly and budgets can be constrained, it may be necessary to reprioritise tasks and redirect focus. To accommodate these changes your change management people and processes must be agile.   

How we can support you

We can help you continue to deliver by rapidly deploying our skilled teams of project change staff. Our people can be deployed in 24-48 hours and will allow you to build response teams, deliver new projects and business as usual operations simultaneously. 

Our project resources can quickly set up standardised planning and governance processes, determine your business needs through the execution of analytical processes and manage the delivery of critical projects from start to finish. Our technical resources can assist in designing and building new solutions that can be deployed rapidly to respond to new challenges. 

We can flex resources quickly. We can mobilise highly skilled project professionals either as full teams or as stand alone resources to fill any resource gaps you might have, allowing your business to realign its strategy and change priorities that reflect the current environment. 

Our tried and tested methodologies and tools are ISO-accredited and designed to deliver efficient and effective outputs. We will work with you to define the best processes, implement best practice and to give you peace of mind that your project will be completed on time, on budget and safely. 

Our tools and digital accelerators such as Cora PPM and Power BI are used to provide real time project controls and information. These provide real time insights when timeliness and accuracy are paramount.


Case Study

Challenge: Our client had a number of regulatory deadlines that could not be met by their in-house legal team and also required more structure and governance around: tracking actions, planning, milestone tracking and status updates.

How we helped: We supported the client on various outreach projects in relation to regulatory and business change and used a combination of our people and technology to: re-paper contracts, reach out to their clients and update their internal systems. Our team also supported an additional data integrity project to ensure the quality of the data. We reviewed existing plans and implemented new and achievable timelines by: holding weekly catch ups with individual workstream leads to update plans and logs, creating and maintaining logs, creating and maintaining status updates, holding operational leads to account over actions and timelines, hosting weekly updates with the client and refining client communications.

Outcome: A realistic and streamlined project. Trusted and informed relationships were developed with the client and PMOs across the global project, with a willingness to collaborate and share best practice to deliver consistent, quality outputs across the programme.




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