Are you IPO ready?

Going public is, in every sense, a transformational event. It requires significant effort and the many different parts of your business to work together towards a common goal. With the right preparation for the journey you will take, it can be an exciting and rewarding step for businesses with a passion for growth.

The key to a successful IPO is preparation. Once you’ve decided to go public, and you’ve chosen your market(s), you need to be in the right shape to begin the process. You’ll need to have a well-thought-out business plan and corporate structure, a compelling equity story, and appropriate governance, financial and IT systems in place. And you’ll need to be ready, from day one of being a public company, to address new requirements around regulatory compliance, risk management, reporting, investor relations, and more. All of this, of course, while continuing to run your day-to-day business efficiently and strategically. 

The process can be complex with the factors to be considered at each stage of your IPO journey covered in our interactive pdf 'IPO Journey tool'

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