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The volume and variety of data has increased exponentially in recent years, revolutionising decision-making. Intuition is no longer acceptable for executives when making big decisions. The real challenge comes in converting data into a more comprehensible and user-friendly format, creating actionable insights and applying these to transform your organisation.

We help organisations solve complex problems, manage risk, discover new opportunities and innovate with confidence by putting them in control of their data and the insights it provides. Our approach is underpinned by PwC’s global business understanding, industry specialists and technology expertise.

Our services

Technology Enabled Transformation

Effective data management is at the heart of any successful technology-enabled transformation. We help our clients to identify trends, search for patterns and uncover previously unknown correlations in their data, thereby reducing their operational costs and empowering their people.

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Machine learning & Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics and machine learning tools enable practical insights and are used to detect fraud, build personalised shopping experiences and even improve athlete performance. Business often struggle to join the dots between fast-advancing technologies and demonstrating the opportunity in practice, and are surprised at how quickly innovative ideas can be tried out.

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Internal Audit Analytics

Internal Audit functions are under increased pressure to demonstrate the value that they deliver to their organisations. We help our clients throughout their Internal Audit Data Analytics journey, from understanding where they are now, development of their vision, strategy and operating model right through to the execution of data enabled audits and project.

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Data Intelligence Platform

Our Data Intelligence Platform automatically reads, ingests, interprets and reports across a wide range of structured and unstructured data types. Because it harnesses the scale of Cloud, the power of artificial intelligence and advanced visual analytics tools, it enables financial firms to make fact-based decisions relying on near real-time information.

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Transaction reporting

PwC combines an expertise in data analytics and regulation to provide a set of industry-leading solutions in compliance, supporting the full range of transaction reporting regulations (MIFID, EMIR, CFTC, HKMA, MAS, ASIC, JFSA and other G20 derivative regulations).

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Cloud architecture

Cloud transformation is about your business, not just the technology. We tailor your cloud transformation to help achieve your business goals - this is not moving you applications from on-prem to the cloud but a real understanding of how you can rearchitect your data and business to drive real transformation using the cloud.

As a business leader, you want reliable data and analytics (D&A) to inform your important decisions. Our approach is designed to enable innovation that creates new business models and amazing customer experiences, our solution drives revenue and streamlines operations — all while managing risk and letting your business stay resilient.

Our combined expertise in business, technology, risk and controls helps power insights into how the cloud can transform your business. We build analytics capabilities on top of data platforms that tie into your business strategy and provide insight into key performance indicators for your organisation.


... having advanced business analytics that give you the ability to see and predict everything, everywhere. Every interaction with customers. Every moving part in your supply chain. Every financial transaction, anywhere in the world.

... having data architecture that lets you process all that information instantly, to improve customer insights, build products faster or spot fraud.

... using predictive analytics that give you the ability to react to events before they happen. To stop customer churn. Prevent accidents. Predict the impact of medical treatments. And imagine if analytics could help you to drive business innovation and open up totally new revenue streams to create products and offers you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

The good news is, data is an asset you already own. We’ll help you to analyse your current state, develop a strong data foundation, and then monetise that data and harness the power of the information you hold to optimise business performance and commercialise data opportunities.

How to use data and analytics? Your journey begins here…

Modernise your data and analytics platform. Re-platform legacy data warehouse and business intelligence architectures in cloud, enabling modernised data management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics capabilities. We’ll help to build out data and analytics platforms to support the adoption of analytical workloads in the cloud (hybrid/multi-cloud environments).

Effective analytics starts with trusted data. You’re using your data to drive business innovation, so there’s no room for error. Data quality begins with solid data governance. It has to be well-organised, relevant, accurate, and understandable. We’ll help create your data framework, build the strategy, optimise your infrastructure, processes and systems and create the culture to become a data-driven organisation.

Turn your data into a superpower. So you have the right data architecture and can rely on your data quality. Now what do you do with it? That’s where predictive analytics comes in. It uses your data to give you the potential to act—not react. Use risk analytics to spot fraud before it happens. Gather customer insights to know how many people you need on the shop floor, weeks in advance. Predict and optimise deals through mergers and acquisition data. Filter the signal from the noise and look ahead with confidence. We’ll show you how it all works, every step of the way.

Do what you do today. Even better. Every function, in every business, in every industry, can work more effectively. For instance, analytics can help you understand and optimise the end-to-end value chain in the Retail Industry and manage operational costs. Rationalise technology and gain customer insights. Boost growth through strategic pricing models and data-driven marketing. The result? Maximised profits.

Discover the unknown business opportunities. If data is the new oil, business innovation comes when you know where and how to strike it. Together, we’ll explore emerging technologies, test innovative ideas, and uncover ways to rethink the way you do business.

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Performance analytics

We are working together with British Athletics to give coaches and athletes access to powerful insights that will help improve performance. Athletics has given the UK many memorable moments and we're committed to supporting British Athletics in their ongoing pursuit of even greater success and medals. We are proud to be working with the team to showcase the power of data intelligence. Find out more about our partnership with British Athletics here.

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Capital Markets

A focus on data in capital markets has increased dramatically in the past ten years, primarily as a result of new regulation post the financial crisis, such as BCBS 239, MiFID II and MAR to name a few. An additional driver has been the GDPR, which has resulted in a significant focus on control and protection of personal data held by firms.

Compliance with these regulations has required firms to generate, store, monitor and report significantly increased quantities of data on trading, risk and financial activity. This, in turn, has prompted banks to look for opportunities to use this data to enhance client service. However, the need to establish foundational data capabilities (such as governance, access and quality) and meet minimum standards to achieve regulatory compliance has forced the industry to prioritise data governance and control ahead of innovation and analytics.

While most investment banks today have defined data policies, governance models, standards and procedures, these have typically been in non-trading functions, such as risk, finance and operations. There are varied levels of maturity across the industry regarding data capabilities, but many still have work to do - such as implementing sources of common reference data.

Consequently, it is difficult for banks to realise the significant benefits data management may bring (such as reduced need for reconciliation) as many of the same historical constraints, legacy complexity and IT cost issues, still exist. However, banks recognise they will become increasingly data and technology driven, and that better data and analytics capabilities will be key enablers to unlocking other technology opportunities, such as artificial intelligence.

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Retail Banking

Rapid transformation is taking place in the retail banking industry. Technological developments, changing consumer expectations and increasing regulatory requirements are creating an imperative for change. Keeping up with this evolution will require banks to strike a balance between adopting new tactical measures, managing 'business as usual' and supporting strategic change, all the while ensuring customer expectations continue to be met. To remain competitive, organisations will need to prioritise the development of a customer-centric business model, simplify internal and external operating models, promote innovation and proactively manage risk, regulations and capital.

At PwC, our capabilities are at the heart of this change, providing support along the whole transformation journey:

  • We can support your move from legacy infrastructure to new systems from start to finish, enabling the transition towards leaner, data-driven organisations by providing support in the design and execution of system migration, testing, design and assurance of controls.
  • We provide advice on data strategy, governance and data management to help organisations progress on their journey towards a data-driven future that follows a customer-centric business model.
  • We can advise on, and perform, advanced customer analytics, including predictive models used to better understand your customers needs, further develop your products/services and transition towards a relationship-based business model.
  • We support data-driven regulatory reporting, stress testing, model recalculations and data privacy assessments to enable you to proactively manage risks, regulations and capital.
  • We can advise on and support the setup of data labs, provide the training, operating model and governance structures to enable innovation, and build capabilities to sustain it.

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Asset & Wealth Management

Financial services are changing faster than ever, with more complex regulations, increasing costs and disruptive technologies. With these challenges come great opportunities. Financial services organisations need insight and vision to unlock what’s possible. We believe that access to quality data and an information-led approach has become the key to success. However, data has historically required manipulation to fit standard data models before any analysis can be performed, resulting in a loss of fidelity and detail.

Our approach is to enrich data by creating a flexible model based on all of the data available, thereby avoiding a loss of granularity. This gives financial services firms more meaningful results, removes functional silos and creates greater transparency in the end-to-end value chain. All parts of the organisation can benefit from data-led insights and links between different business functions can be monitored and improved, providing great efficiencies and reducing risk.

We believe this approach, combined with our experience, talent and investments in technology, allows PwC to see things that others don’t. We understand the global and local trends already shaping competition, regulation and client interactions, and those which are beginning to form. With this view in mind, we are building the technologies and capabilities our clients need to work intelligently with data and create and sustain their competitive edge.

We support clients by:

  • Developing information-led data strategies, operating model and governance structures.
  • Advising and providing assurance on technology transformations, e.g. moving to the cloud, use of machine learning and setting up advanced analytics capabilities
  • Providing off-the-shelf or bespoke regulatory reporting solutions

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Data is the lifeblood of the insurance industry. Access to new data (for example, social media, telematic sensor data and aggregator policy quote data) is changing the way the industry assesses customers and prices policies. Additionally, Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations are moving insurers towards deeper customer insight and understanding and an improved ability to treat their customers fairly.

An increase in the volume of statistics organisations can now gather about consumer behaviour, and increasingly sophisticated techniques to analyse them, means insurers can rely less on crude rating factors - such as age or marital status - when pricing premiums. Through data and analytics, they are able to make more intelligent assessments of each policyholder’s level of risk.

At PwC, we use data and analytics to help organisations in the insurance sector to:

  • Price products based on policyholder behaviour
  • Gain customer insight and assess their experience
  • Improve risk assessment during the underwriting process
  • Provide oversight of key risk and compliance indicators
  • Manage, oversee and provide assurance over data and system migrations (including PAS, Claims, Ledger and MI)
  • Assist clients in the development of MI and performance monitoring using data
  • Manage data relating to the capital model (Solvency II)
  • Assist brokers, underwriters, insurers, reinsurers and claims handlers to manage relations in regard to data (SII, GDPR, etc)

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Central Government

There has always been a desire for better data and information within government and the wider public sector. With challenging targets and budget constraints, the use of data analytics to drive decision making is now more important than ever. However, there are many factors holding back change. Many existing systems and processes are struggling to support future requirements, while there is a need for high-quality data and decision support systems to deliver timely and decisive policy interventions.

Strong data science and analytics capabilities are emerging across Whitehall and beyond, and government and the public sector have moved forward in this area. Meanwhile, initiatives such as Open Data actively aim to drive the embedding of data sources into operational decision making and support growth in the private sector. The ability to make use of secure technology in the cloud also opens many opportunities.

Government often plays a role in key regulation and legislation related to the usage and sharing of data and information, including GDPR and Open Banking. Data Standards and the need for seamless integration - through methods such as API - are emerging that will help drive the use of data forward across multiple domains, including finance, human resources (HR), procurement, commercial/supply chain and property. Brexit may also bring challenges, but could also open future opportunities for collaboration.

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Oil and Gas

There is growing recognition within the oil & gas sector that reliable data is essential to the delivery of operational excellence, to realise ambitions for digitalisation and to establish a foundation for innovation. Historically, general data management has not had the attention it deserved and consequently there is a legacy of data silos and poor data quality that must be addressed if analytics is to be embedded within business processes.

There are pressing reasons why the oil & gas sector must make a step change in data management and analytics:

  • Zero waste: Reduce cost by improving accessibility, availability and quality of data, so there are no process failures due to data defects.
  • Digitisation and energy transition: Significantly improve data foundations to exploit value through big data analytics and deliver new customer value propositions and business models.
  • Data management practices need to be updated to reflect the integration and data architecture challenges of SaaS, hybrid IT landscapes and exponential growth in 'big data'.
  • Fiscal, legal and regulatory bodies are demanding more information with tougher compliance requirements, leading to a need for data to be assured at a detail level and at all times.

We are helping oil & gas clients in:

  • Upstream to reduce the cost of new ventures and increase efficiencies of assets.
  • Downstream to increase retail footprint and enhance brand perception/value among environmentally-conscious citizens.
  • Projects and technology to reduce time to market for newly-identified products and business models.
  • Global functions to effectively manage real estate, enhance employee experience, provide better IT services and improve financial performance.

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Private Business

We operate in a world where it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the huge amounts of data that is being generated. As your business grows, you’ve probably acquired multiple systems, all of which produce data but aren’t necessarily providing you with meaningful information.

Getting the right information, in the right format, at the right time is an essential part of running your business. Stitching the data together to uncover the right insights, and doing it quickly enough to drive better business outcomes, is not easy. However, doing so has the potential to reap significant competitive advantages by heading off problems sooner, identifying opportunities earlier and performing customisation at a larger scale.

A lack of timely and meaningful information is often a symptom of wider process and systems issues. If effective processes are in place and MI is planned in a proactive, strategic and visible way, it can help provide security, focus and assurance for the long term.

Our business insight assessment is a short engagement that will give you an understanding of your current MI environment, where the gaps lie in terms of the quality and nature of the reporting and, crucially, a roadmap for improvement.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

Never has the opportunity, or requirement, to harness data-driven insights been greater for businesses in the consumer products space. Increasingly important in today's multi-channel world, understanding what drives consumer needs is critical to developing the right products and being able to position them in the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Data analytics can support improved decision making, strategy and operational effectiveness in most consumer products functions, but significant value is being driven by focusing these capabilities on the following areas:

  • Product innovation and development: product and packaging insights, category trends.
  • Consumer and marketing insights: market trends, media targeting/consumer engagement, marketing ROI, consumer needs, influencer analysis, POS and merchandising effectiveness.
  • Commercial optimisation: trade promotion optimisation, net revenue management, predictive analytics and scenario planning.
  • Supply chain: supply chain visibility, transportation planning, customer service optimisation, cost to serve analysis, network reconfiguration, manufacturing automation, predictive maintenance and procurement optimisation.

At PwC, we help consumer products companies both large and small to understand and develop the required capabilities across data strategy and management, reporting and analytics, technology architecture and people and organisation. Along the way, we utilise our tried-and-tested maturity benchmarking, development frameworks and proprietary analytics solutions to rapidly advance our clients' data and analytics frameworks

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Data and analytics capability in retail is no longer an area of competitive advantage, it's an existential threat. The intricacies of managing shoppers across bricks and mortar and digital channels heightens the need for joined up data approaches to attract, serve and retain customers. Data analytics can support improved decision making, strategy and operational effectiveness in most retailer functions, but significant value is being driven by focusing these capabilities on the following areas:

  • Shopper insights: product ranging & merchandising, market trends, shopper engagement and loyalty, POS and merchandising effectiveness, CRM.
  • Commercial optimisation: ranging, merchandising, pricing analytics, promotional analytics.
  • Supply chain: store analysis, order management, forecasting and fulfillment, out of stock improvement, sales force effectiveness.

At PwC, we help consumer products companies both large and small to understand and develop the required capabilities across data strategy and management, reporting and analytics, technology architecture and people and organisation. Along the way, we utilise our tried-and-tested maturity benchmarking, development frameworks and proprietary analytics solutions to rapidly advance our clients' data and analytics frameworks.

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The housing sector has changed, the UK government is introducing Universal Credit, affecting how benefits are paid to tenants. Therefore, it is important that Housing Associations engage in the most meaningful ways with their customers. This will assist them in managing their budgets and enable them to pay their owed rent on time and in full.

An important part of this is for landlords to have a better, more rounded understanding of their customers and how they interact with them, facilitating richer two-way communication with them.

Predictive analytics and machine learning techniques can support Housing Associations to improve their understanding of their customers in terms of how to service and communicate with them. Predictive analytics will enable Housing Associations to segment their customers according to their characteristics and interactions; a strategy for handling the rent process can be more appropriately tailored to these customer groups. The segments can then be used in tandem with a predictive model to understand the customers most at risk and in need of support to meet their payments.

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Digital technology, renewable energy generation and local energy storage, along with ever-changing regulation, are transforming the utilities sector at an incredible rate. The landscape of the industry is constantly evolving, with new entrants, exits, mergers and separation.

Technology disruptors such as smart meters, mobile, cloud and open data are increasingly enabling data analytics to be used more effectively. As a result, there is a huge opportunity to use data analytics to detect risks, monitor behaviour, review controls, measure anomalies and compliance, but also to identify proven opportunities for growth.

PwC Data & Analytics has a wealth of experience across the electricity, gas and water sectors where we have helped clients develop trust in their existing or planned operations, to support business cases or in satisfying regulatory requirements.

That same depth of experience across the industry, its data and complex network of processes, along with access to PwC’s technology and analytics tools, means we can help to identify and develop cases for change by providing evidence-based analysis of the potential impact of error or opportunity for doing things differently.

At PwC, we leverage the rich trail of evidence from the data flowing through people, processes and across systems, both internally and externally, to measure actual performance. Our services prove the effectiveness of processes and controls, help to quantify opportunities, provide actionable insight and give confidence to make informed and insightful decisions based on past activity or future projections.

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