Executing a successful listing − London

London remains one of the most influential global financial centres. It owes much of its continuing appeal to its cosmopolitan status, the liquidity of the financial markets and the regulatory, business and political framework that supports those markets.

The London Stock Exchange is one of the world's oldest exchanges and offers a wide choice of routes to market, for UK and international companies. Which market a company should consider will depend upon different criteria including the:

  • stage of the company’s development;
  • complexity of the offer and securities issued;
  • investors who are being targeted;
  • size of the company;
  • overall strategy and objectives; and
  • eligibility.

With this in mind, PwC has produced this short, but comprehensive brochure which summarises the different London markets, the listing standards for each market, the process and the timeline for going public in London and an overview of the wider regulatory environment.

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