Trust Insight

Trust is a powerful asset

Is trust in business tangible? Is it possible to manage trust proactively? Our view is that by understanding the drivers of trust, organisations can create an asset which can be measured and managed. And managed well, it can help organisations to achieve their strategic goals.

The drivers of trust

We define trust as the way stakeholders view your organisation’s motivations and behaviour. Our Trust Insight research has identified the drivers of trust that make up an organisation’s unique Trust Profile. Understanding your Trust Profile means you can improve business performance by predicting and then influencing how stakeholders will act towards you.

Why trust matters

In the PwC 18th Annual Global CEO survey, more than half of all respondents cited lack of trust as a barrier to their future growth prospects – up from 37% over the last two years.

Our Trust Insight research found that trust matters in business for four clear reasons:

  • Trust drives performance.
  • Trust can put an organisation on the front foot in a crisis.
  • Trust can overcome stakeholders’ scepticism.
  • Trust allows organisations to be true to themselves.

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