What does the future hold for Business Continuity Management professionals?

Is Business Continuity Management changing?

We joined with the BCI to ask you about the future of BCM.

The findings in our co-authored report suggest that job responsibilities, expectations and career paths may be shifting. 

In this report, we share the findings and consider what opportunities industry change may bring for BCM professionals.

What did industry professionals tell us were the key to a successful BCM career?

Tenacity with flexibility
Relationships across the organisation
Calmness under pressure
Leadership skills
Knowledge of the business
Situational awareness

You can use this report to:

  • Instigate new conversations with your senior leadership
  • Support business cases for your BCM department
  • Have new conversations with your colleagues who also focus on operational resilience
  • Support proposals for change
  • Use as starting points for internal debates on whether change is needed
  • Consider your own career path and next steps.

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