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Video transcript: PwC Risk Summit 2019


Sam Samaratunga
UK and EMEA Risk Assurance Leader, PwC
What we were talking about today was around disruption and the challenges that it brings, but actually the disruption being a catalyst to change.

Bridget McNamara
Innovation Risk Oversights - RBS
In today's destructive world I think the most important factor in succeeding is looking outside your organization for trends that you can observe and bring back in-house and make sure you're not just focusing internally.

Tim Harford
Behavioural economist and broadcaster
We do have data both inside the organization and outside the organization. If we only able to focus on my data to look in the right way and to have the right process for looking at the data we can actually see trouble coming.

Paolo Taurae
Audit Partner, PwC
So what data sources are available to you, what can you be doing now to analyze what what happened to you in the business so you make good decisions.

Alex Cooke
Data Intelligence Partner, PwC
How do I create better products, better services and I service customers better, how do I provide the right information for my employees to do their jobs.

Gill Williams
UK Tech Audit Leader and Intelligent Controls Leader, PwC
Good risk management allows you to take risks in a confident manner.

Toby Burton
Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Fastmarkets
We're not talking about this being a tool that I'm using operationally, but thinking about risk is becoming something that's really strategic, we're talking about at a board level that we can be really impacting and influencing with regards to how we manage our business.

Sam Samaratunga
UK and EMEA Risk Assurance Leader, PwC
Seeing all the examples that the great work PwC has done iconic projects and engagements, and I feel really good about our future because of the type of capability we've got here.

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