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Privacy and Security Enforcement Tracker 2017: global data


The global section of our 2017 Privacy and Security Enforcement Tracker provides a synopsis of key privacy issues and trends in 34 countries - 17 in Europe and 17 in the rest of the world. The content has been compiled from contributions from our data protection experts worldwide.

Key findings

Europe: There were a number of notable enforcement cases and activity in Europe in 2017. In Germany, a supermarket was fined €1.5m for using private detectives and secret cameras in its stores; in Italy, fines totalling €11m were imposed on five companies operating in the money transfer industry; in Ireland and Netherlands, investigations were undertaken into big technology companies and, of course, Romania was the origin of Barbulescu v.The Romanian Government, a European Court of Human Rights case about unlawful workplace monitoring.

The wider world: Of course, data protection law principles do not reside wholly in Europe, or within the narrower geographical zone of the GDPR. In Argentina, there was litigation about “right to be forgotten” principles; in Australia, a new law on breach reporting came into effect and, in Canada, one of the regulators imposed a $1.1m fine for spamming, although it was eventually reduced on appeal. If the imposition of fines are the measures of data protection legal strength, the United States stands tall in comparison to the rest of the world. Our US practice reports that the Federal Trade Commission imposed penalties of approximately $470m in 2017 for breaches of the FTC Act that would be regarded as data protection breaches in Europe.

Explore the data

Use the data tool below to explore, at a glance, these and other notable issues influencing and impacting data protection and privacy enforcements around the world, as well as key relevant local developments in data protection laws in each country covered. 

The data is split into Europe (those jurisdictions which will be directly subject to GDPR, or where the country will be implementing GDPR equivalent legislation) and Rest of world. For the detailed UK findings, please click here.

  • Countries in scope for, or implementing,
    GDPR – content included
  • Countries in scope for or implementing
    GDPR – no content
  • Non-GDPR countries – content included
  • Non-GDPR countries – no content

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