Climate-Smart Agriculture

The issue

Climate change is creating risks and opportunities for agriculture. Risks include yield and price volatility as well as pressure to reduce GHG emissions and other environmental impacts. Opportunities exist for product innovation, new markets and sources of finance.

Responding to climate change

An emerging solution is 'climate-smart' agriculture - farming which improves productivity, increases resilience to climate change and reduces GHG emissions. But how can adoption of climate-smart agriculture be scaled up? What is the best way to measure the benefits? Who is providing finance and support? What are the new market opportunities?

How we can support you

We work with businesses, governments, civil society and international organisations to help them understand the impact of climate change on their agricultural interests and how they can respond. Our services include:

  • Design and implementation of large donor programmes
  • Analysis of climate finance and carbon markets options
  • Assessment of climate vulnerabilities and emissions in agricultural supply chains
  • Development of climate change strategies for businesses and other organisations
  • Monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of the benefits of climate-smart agriculture
  • Climate-smart agriculture project and business feasibility assessments, and
  • Engaging employees and stakeholders through workshops and learning programmes.

Through the Business Innovation Facility (BIF) we have been helping businesses in Africa to understand the impacts of climate change and develop strategies to respond to the opportunities and risks.

Climate-smart agriculture has emerged as an important issue in the international climate change negotiations. At COP 17 (Durban, 2011) PwC launched two reports in this area, the first looks at carbon market opportunities for agriculture and the second at different options for financing climate-smart agriculture.

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