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International Trends in 4IR Mobility

How we live, work, move and experience the world around us is rapidly changing. A range of physical, digital and biological forces are shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), not only characterised by global connectivity, everpresent digitalisation and burgeoning data, but also an accelerated pace of change with the introduction of new technologies from artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Appropriate 4IR technologies have the potential to transform daily travel for millions of citydwellers as well as address supply chain inefficiencies, contributing both to inclusion and productivity. As with the interconnected nature of 4IR, change is required in several spheres and across various stakeholders to overcome risks and challenges associated with new technologies - whether related to digital exclusion, privacy issues or the impact on jobs.

This report explores what 4IR means for the future of mobility and how it is shaping the business-as-usual of passenger transport, freight and other forms of mobility. Based on research conducted in June 2020, it aims to develop a shared understanding of the global 4IR mobility landscape and what this may mean for cities across the world.

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