Nifty R&D

Nifty R&D is a simpler way for small businesses to apply for Research & Development Tax Credits in the UK.

Companies carrying out R&D can make a R&D claim and receive cash back from HMRC of up to 33% of their R&D expenditure. Nifty R&D is a new approach to making R&D claims which significantly reduces the time and cost of preparing claims.

Nifty R&D is the UK's first online solution aimed at startups and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

It is really easy to use - a user sets up an account, answers the questions and submits the information to PwC.

PwC will then review the answers and work with users online or via the phone to complete the claim.

Users are fully supported by PwC specialists throughout the process with online chat tools.

At the end of the process, users will have a completed R&D claim together with supporting documentation ready for submission to HMRC.

Nifty R&D helps small businesses access the expertise of PwC at the most competitive prices in the market. Importantly, if you're not eligible, we won't charge you.

For further information, please contact Rachel Moore, Chrissie Freear or your usual PwC contact.

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R&D and patent box specialist, PwC United Kingdom

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Chrissie Freear

Senior Manager, PwC United Kingdom

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Samantha Cunnell

Tax Manager, PwC United Kingdom

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