Mergers and acquisitions – What are the indirect tax risks and opportunities?

Are you acquiring another business? Can you recover VAT on acquisition costs? What are the indirect tax risks and opportunities of buying that business?

With numerous complex and different indirect tax regimes around the world, businesses acquiring other businesses will need to navigate their way around a complex set of issues in multiple territories. This is to avoid significant and unexpected indirect tax issues which increase the cost of the deal thereby making the go forward position for the in-house indirect tax team potentially difficult to manage.

What is the current deal fee VAT recovery position for holding companies? How can focused and detailed due diligence coupled with data interrogation technology get to the heart of the indirect tax issues and opportunities of the business being acquired? How can risks can be identified and managed appropriately? How can any ongoing cash savings and cash flow efficiencies be captured? How can the supply chains to and by the business be mapped and reviewed?

To find out more contact David Denyer, PwC’s indirect tax deals partner.

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