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Join our new podcast series for a discussion on the big issues for UK tax and fiscal policy that everyone should debate.

Latest episode

Episode 4: US Tax Reform - Why it's a big deal?


One of the biggest tax stories of recent months has been the sweeping changes being made to the US tax system. It's clear that when the world's biggest economy makes significant tax changes, it's a big deal worldwide, the effects are far-reaching and could affect all of us. What are the implications for policy makers, and what should businesses be aware of?  Tax Partner, Barry Murphy, explores in conversation with Tom Pattern, US Tax Partner and Will Morris, our Deputy Global Tax Policy Leader.

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Previous episodes

Episode 3: How do you tax digital business?


How do you tax digital business?  Headlines are bound by whether enough tax is raised from big digital businesses. Yet surely the growth of online business is a boom for the economy; generating wages and profits that are taxed. If not enough tax is being collected, are tax rules being circumvented or are they not fit for purpose? Is the situation going to get worse as the digital economy grows further? Barry Murphy, Partner at PwC discusses with Roxanne Morison, Senior Policy Adviser on digital at the CBI, and Alenka Turnsek, Tax Partner at PwC.

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Episode 2: Are tax rises inevitable this Autumn Budget?


There’s a lot of noise building around the challenging conditions for the Chancellor. On the one hand there’s growing pressure for more spending on public services and on the other the need to cut borrowing and debt. Will the Autumn Budget be one of giveaways or take-aways? Barry Murphy, Partner at PwC discusses with Stella Amiss, Head of Tax Policy and Anna Wallace, Head of Political Relations at PwC. 

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Episode 1: Is it possible to have a sensible debate on tax?


Join this podcast where our host Barry Murphy, Partner at PwC, is joined by Jill Rutter, Programme Director at the Institute for Government, and Kevin Nicholson, Head of Tax at PwC UK, to discuss whether it's possible to get people engaged with tax to have a proper debate about tax policy.

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