Talking Tax: Transforming how we view tax compliance and harnessing its true value

February 2022

The world may be changing at an incredibly fast rate, but one of the things that remains is the need for all companies to have an unwavering focus on ‘compliance’. 

With compliance becoming increasingly business critical as a result of the pace of regulatory change for example Pillar 2, increased complexity of requirements, and a need to be ready for real time submissions/digital audit trails, businesses need to think about compliance differently to how they have in the past.

The good news is that technology and process transformation has really helped compliance evolve, allowing businesses to achieve so much more than previously possible. So, whilst the ‘compliance’ burden may be growing, transforming how you approach compliance will open up a range of new benefits - freeing up resources, improving quality, lowering cost of delivery - while delivering digital data sets and insights to make better business decisions. 

This edition of Talking Tax will explore this new approach and help you assess whether your business is harnessing the true value of tax compliance.

Harnessing value from tax compliance

This month Sally Bradley, our Tax Managed Services Leader, and Jonathan Howe, our Tax Compliance Market Leader, discuss the importance of transforming how we see tax compliance to harness its value.

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Is your current compliance approach holding you back?

The landscape for compliance has changed significantly over recent years. But what does this new world look like and how can businesses transform their approach to unlock value and get ahead?

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