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Join our tax-focused data visualisation and automation workshop so you can shift your time from repetitive tasks to strategic value.


Practical sessions from data experts in tax

Our Tax Data Analytics Academy is a practical course designed to give tax professionals a grounding in the best technology to visualise and manipulate data in a tax context. The sessions will provide an accelerated training on how to use data and analytics software to automate specific tax-based tasks and turn data sets into insightful dashboards. Watch the video for a deeper look at what the academy can do for you or hear from alumni of the course.

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Does this sound familiar?

We spend a lot of time manipulating spreadsheets

Our current process of manipulating data can easily result in manual errors

Staff find a majority of their tasks boring and repetitive

Senior staff are performing tasks they are overqualified for

Our senior stakeholders are interested in tax, but we need to find a better way of reporting to them

We don't have enough time to step back and consider the bigger picture

We spend too long extracting data from our systems

Spreadsheets are painful and difficult to review

“The Tax D&A Academy was great. It got me thinking about how we could do things in a different way and we used some of the skills we learnt the following week to save a huge amount of time processing data.”

Senior Process ManagerFTSE 100 client

Some real examples of issues we cover

Joining and manipulating spreadsheets

Use ETL tools to carry out Country by Country Reporting by automating the consolidation of individual reports in a seamless manner.

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Creating dashboards for data insights

Use visualisation tools to create dashboards for your group's Effective Tax Rate across territories and compare the changes through different years, use ETL tools to read and refresh the data in seconds.

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Outputting multiple reports

Use ETL tools to bring together outputs from different systems and automate report creating. Include checks and validation in the same workflow for easy review.

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Our expert facilitators

Tom Harrold leads the Tax Data and Analytics team in the UK.

Arunas Kraujutis is part of the Tax Data and Analytics team.

Jonathan leads our UK Tax Reporting and Strategy business.

Shiyun Jiang is a manager in the Tax Data and Analytics team.

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Course Details

Who should attend

All levels of seniority from across tax and finance are encouraged to apply.


There are multiple upcoming sessions scheduled for Autumn 2019. Our response team will arrange with you to find a session that is suitable.


The course will be held in one of our PwC offices and you can select which location works best for you.


The course will run over two business days from 9.30am to 5pm

What’s included

Attendees will be provided with PwC laptops for the day with all the training materials installed. There will also be a chance to network with our experts discussing key trends in data and tax on a more personal level. Lunch will be provided.


The course costs £1,500 per person

Note: The academy is not targeted at any particular level of experience. All grades/ levels from across finance and tax should be able to benefit.

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