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Reducing cost and time to serve

The tax function is under constant pressure to deliver more with less. Internal cost pressures and the demand for greater business insights against the backdrop of increasing tax compliance demands in tighter timeframes is resulting in the need for tax functions to chart a course of continuous improvement.

With the focus global tax authorities are placing on clients to manage tax risk it’s essential to deliver efficiencies while ensuring the overall control environment is effective. Our approach to this issue is to look holistically at the building blocks that make up a tax function and develop a change roadmap that brings together these components in a coherent manner.

Our capabilities to assist clients deliver efficient and effective services span from assessing the maturity of the tax function through to developing and executing large scale transformation projects including consideration of:

  • organisational model
  • technology and automation
  • data solutions
  • process improvements, and
  • sourcing models

The potential benefits will not only reduce above and below the line costs, but will improve company-wide risk management and tax governance, resource management, recruitment processes and many other areas. Through continuous transformation, the tax function will be viewed as not only as a critical and efficient compliance function, but also as an even more valuable strategic organisational asset.

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