Strengthen trust and transparency

Companies remain under pressure to respond to the range of stakeholders who are interested in their tax affairs. These include investors, regulators, tax authorities and NGOs as well as internal stakeholders.

A key challenge for companies in the current environment is to consider how best to respond to a landscape which continues to evolve. Increased attention from stakeholders around tax is driven by a number of factors including media headlines, pressure from campaign groups and the public, and changes in regulation (e.g. public tax strategy and country-by-country reporting). Some companies are adopting a reactive approach while others are being more strategic, considering transparency, to whom and for what purpose. We can help you to develop your thinking in this area.

Building Public Trust through tax reporting

Who are the leaders in tax transparency and would additional disclosures add value to your business?

Tax transparency is not about providing additional technical detail on numbers and performance. Rather it requires a broader look at tax strategy, risk management and the wider impact of tax as well as greater focus on clarity. We can help you to identify and explore who will be interested in your tax disclosures, the approach taken by the leaders in tax transparency and consider what (if any) disclosures would help to add value to your business.

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Total Tax Contribution

What is your total contribution in taxes, in addition to corporation tax?

Companies pay many other taxes in addition to corporation tax but often there is little visibility over these business taxes. Taxes and other contributions to the government that companies pay are an important contribution to the creation of prosperity in the UK. The PwC Total Tax Contribution Framework provides a methodology for companies to measure and communicate all the taxes and contributions that they pay. We can help you to identify, extract, analyse and report the taxes you pay.

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Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM)

How you can articulate your broader contribution to the society in which you operate?

Total Impact Measurement and Management (TIMM) is a flexible framework that enables business to develop a better understanding of how to create sustainable value for their shareholders while generating value for the wider communities they affect.

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