Tax valuations

Whatever plans your business may have, there will be tax consequences and many are valuation related. Usually, the issues are complex and the amounts at stake too large to ignore.

You may be weighing up an acquisition or investment, reorganising your business or simply need to place a value on your brand, goodwill or management incentives.

Our dedicated valuations team will work with you; applying relevant analysis, cogent argument and expert attention to detail, to produce valuations that are robust, defensible and able to withstand the closest scrutiny.

PwC has an immense breadth and depth of industry expertise in tax valuation, planning and advice, drawing on the talent and resources of our vast global network. Our core UK team of highly-qualified tax valuation specialists, including former employees of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Shares and Assets Valuation department, combines expert understanding of taxation with a broad appreciation of relevant financial and business sensitivities.

Contact us if

  • You want to understand the tax implications relating to a change in shareholding, acquisition or disposal of assets
  • You want to optimise the tax benefits of any proposed transaction
  • You need to negotiate with HMRC
  • You want an independent valuation suitable for HMRC and / or other global tax authorities
  • You want a valuation of unlisted companies, businesses or shareholdings for tax purposes
  • You want to attribute value to an employee/senior management share scheme or option under the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003 and the Finance Act 2003
  • You want to determine the value of your company's goodwill, know-how, brands and / or other intangible assets for tax purposes

How we can support you

Our tax valuation specialists, including former employees of HMRC’s Shares and Assets Valuation department, have significant experience in valuing assets and shares for tax purposes and negotiating with HMRC. Specifically we can:

  • Provide robust valuations tailored to your requirements utilising our dedicated specialist tax valuation team.
  • Assist and support in negotiations with HMRC, drawing on our extensive experience.
  • Bring you insight to HMRC's valuation requirements, from individuals who have previously worked at the Shares and Assets Valuation department.

Please call one of our team if you would like to discuss these areas.

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