Budgeting and forecasting - case studies

Example A - European Private Hospital Group

Our client was a European private hospital group that was close to breaching it's banking facilities and had poor cash forecasting.

We quickly implemented a 13 week rolling cash forecasting cycle to assist with cash visibility and to optimise cash within the business.

Example B - Pension Trustees of FTSE 100 Transport company

The pension trustees of a FTSE 100 troubled transport company, highly dependent on the economic climate, needed to evaluate the likely net cash flows of the company over the next 5 years, before deciding on their negotiation strategy for future contributions.

A x-los team of over 40 people were brought together to produce a report to the trustees, supported by a semi-annual integrated cash flow forecast which was drawn together using PwC's deep sector knowledge, the economics team and a flexible forecasting tool.  The modelling team spanned and coordinated the PwC team and was frequently called upon to explain and workshop the interplay between the various parts of the business.

The model's high-level dashboard became the single financial talking point for the trustees as we created each of the three economic scenarios, and defined the story of the business and its future.

Robust and clear model of an inherently complex business, dependent on a variety of local and macro-economic factors.

The team was large and unwieldy and combined many different working styles.  Our coordination role in the project ensured that the team were all moving in the same direction with a common goal.

The modelling process created the structure and mechanism to cause necessary challenge and refinements to people's opinions, resulting in the identification of some surprising and valuable results.

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